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Talent is the capital of enterprises, and talents are the most precious wealth.

The company's standard of employment is:With innovative consciousness and enterprising spirit.

The company's competitive mechanism is:God, light let, yongzhe.

The company did its best:A man is in his place, a man in his right place.

Talents should have such qualities:

First, healthy personality. To put it simply, we must have principles, good and evil, clear standards of good and evil, strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.

Second, higher creativity. A sense of innovation, look at the issue with a unique perspective, creative impulses have different thinking and the spirit of daring to doubt.

Third, initiative. Have higher subjective initiative, have self improvement and self development consciousness, less dependence.

Fourth, extensive knowledge. The enterprise pays attention to the talented person, must have the compound knowledge structure, this can guarantee the talented person to have the migration thought.