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Shrinkage of fabric
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1. shrinkage of fabrics

The shrinkage of a fabric is the percentage of shrinkage of a fabric after washing or soaking. In general, maximum shrinkage of fabric and synthetic fiber blended fabrics, followed by wool, hemp fabric, cotton fabric has shrunk greatly, and the center, is the largest viscose fiber, artificial cotton, wool fabrics.

2. fabric shrinkage factors:

The material of the fabric is different and the shrinkage is different. In general, hygroscopic fibers expand in water, increase in diameter, shorten in length, and shrink greatly. If some viscose fiber water absorption rate is as high as 13%, and synthetic fiber fabric moisture absorption is poor, its shrinkage is small.

The density of the fabrics is different and the shrinkage is different. Such as latitude and longitude to the density similar to the latitude and longitude to the shrinkage is also close. The density of the fabric, the shrinkage to the big, and conversely, weft than dense fabric, weft shrinkage is also large.

The fabric yarn of different thickness, shrinkage is also different. Coarse cloth yarn shrinkage is big, fine yarn fabric shrinkage rate is small.

Fabric production process is different, shrinkage is also different. Generally speaking, fabric in the weaving and dyeing process, the fiber should be stretched many times, processing time is long, the greater tension applied fabric shrinkage, and on the contrary small.

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