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The current situation and problems faced by the textile industry
Release time:2017-07-13      Clicks:1518

A: we should effectively solve the problem of poor cotton prices, domestic cotton price difference as soon as possible to solve the problem is the important measures to speed up the textile industry to stabilize rebound, is the effective way to avoid the international market share of China's textile and garment industry to decline further. Recommended to take effective measures as soon as possible to narrow the spread of cotton at home and abroad, avoid cotton spreads continue to widen, reduce the burden of cotton textile enterprises.

Two is: to strengthen the support of smes. The textile is small and micro enterprises to absorb employment force, proposed to continue to implement the national policies and measures for small and medium enterprises, pay attention to small and medium-sized enterprises are facing difficulties, in time for the small and micro enterprises to solve problems, enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Three is: continue to support the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Continue to support the textile enterprises to implement technological transformation and technological innovation, improve value-added products in the industry, and fundamentally enhance the competitiveness of industry.

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