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China's textile industry "advanced standards" reached 1509
Release time:2017-07-13      Clicks:1549

In November 8th, the national textile industry quality conference was held in Beijing. China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong pointed out in the work report, the current textile industry has made great progress in quality work, quality standards continue to improve, and advanced standards reached 1509.

According to the report, there are 38 enterprise technology centers identified by the industry in China. In 2010, the total labor productivity reached 110 thousand per year, an increase of 0.1 times compared with 2005. 2012 textile industry quality award number of enterprises declared data show that the average intensity of enterprise R & D investment 3.67%, new product output rate of 50%, profit margin of 8.87%, far higher than the industry average.

At the same time, information has become the source of power of enterprise development, the apparel industry has been close to the total of 2000 production lines, equipment renewal rate of more than 60%, within 20 years of the equipment now basically the mainstream industry, and new equipment for nearly 10 years, has more than 50%. Through the social responsibility certification of enterprises more than 53%, basically have implemented the relevant management system, purchase order time from the past 50% to 12%, the production cycle is greatly shortened.

During the same period, the national textile industry quality award was commended and the textile industry implemented advanced enterprises with excellent performance models. It is reported that Lutai textile Limited by Share Ltd and other 10 enterprises to obtain the first "National Textile Industry Quality Award"; Shandong Yuntao Textile Co., Ltd. and other 15 companies won the "national textile industry implementation of performance excellence model of advanced enterprise" title, Daly silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., Shandong Chang Textile Technology Co., Ltd won the "excellent performance the advanced enterprise of national textile industry special award".

Gao Yong said, to carry out the national textile industry quality award commended activities aimed at guiding and encouraging enterprises to implement excellence performance model, learn to use scientific management concepts, methods and models to enhance performance and competitiveness.

Experts pointed out that strengthening training, deepening benchmarking, methods to promote, improve the quality of the textile industry, the user level, is the textile industry in 2013 the quality of the main tasks facing. Embodied in: to accelerate the technological transformation and technological progress, improve the whole industry R & D cooperation proportion; strengthen cooperation with research institutes, through research cooperation to enhance industry competitiveness in science and technology; accelerate the textile industry 50 key special breakthrough and 110 scientific and technological achievements and the popularization; to continue to carry out QC group activities, improve the quality of the level of management; conscientiously sum up the successful experience and promotion of excellent performance mode, forming the best performance excellence model with industry characteristics, so that more enterprises to share, so that enterprises in the management improvement and performance fully felt the implementation of excellent performance mode value; improve the quality standard system of the platform; to strengthen the construction of cultivation of independent brand and marketing channel.

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