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Fast formaldehyde detector for textiles
Release time:2017-07-13      Clicks:1561

Determination of formaldehyde content is a complex current textile testing project, relates to the chemical analysis of the basic theory and basic skills, it is very difficult for general test personnel not received systematic training for chemical analysis.

The introduction of textile formaldehyde quick measuring instrument completely changed the situation that the original testing method is too cumbersome and the testing result is discrete, so that the enterprise can buy at ease and the test personnel use comfort.

(1) national key new product certificate;

(2) through the comparison of the national quality inspection departments at various levels, it is confirmed that the instrument has fast, reliable and stable performance and can be widely applied to quantitative measurement of formaldehyde in textiles.

(3) fully applicable to GB/T2912.1-1998 national standards and international standards such as ISO, AATCC, JIS and so on.

(4) it is the only fast quantitative measuring instrument for formaldehyde in textiles at present.

Instrument principle:

Through accurate weighing of textile samples, extraction time in 40 DEG C water bath, formaldehyde extraction from the fabric is absorbed by the water, and then extract with acetylacetone color (yellow), the yellow compound to visible light selective absorption, thus using the method of colorimetric analysis, can be measured by instrument of formaldehyde in textiles measurement of formaldehyde content in the sample determination.

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