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Need to be wary of European textile clothing banned azo dyes exceeded
Release time:2017-07-13      Clicks:1638

Recently, the inspection and quarantine institutions to develop export clothing found risk investigation and remediation work, a number of export to Europe for silk knitted underwear embroidery accessories banned azo dyes (4- aminoazobenzene) more than the EU 2002/61/EC directive, Germany was returned to the customer. After investigation, the German customers will be the batch samples according to different material is divided into 5 parts for chemical testing, found that the total area of about 2% products part of the decorative silk embroidery accessories 4- aminoazobenzene exceed the standard.

It is understood that the disabled clothing and human skin azo dye staining after long-term exposure, will be the formation of carcinogenic aromatic amine compound, after a series of activation will become the cause of human disease, serious harm to the body. At present, more and more attention has been paid to the use of azo dyes to control the use of azo dyes in the testing standards and technical specifications. In recent years, there have been incidents of returning, claiming or destroying textiles containing banned azo dyes.

To this end, the inspection and quarantine departments to put forward the following suggestions on the related production and export enterprises: to strengthen the control of the quality and safety of raw materials procurement, suppliers to conduct rigorous screening, the establishment and perfection of the supplier selection, management, assessment system, strengthen the quality control of products from the source; strengthen the cooperation with the inspection and quarantine agencies, strict raw materials incoming inspection, in addition to main materials, but also pay attention to safety accessories and decorative accessories, not because of its small amount or proportion of less relaxed checks; export enterprises should enhance the awareness of law and strengthen the sense of quality, Europe and other developed countries the inspection standard and dynamic understanding, enhance the ability of technical trade measures to deal with all, to ensure the product quality to meet domestic and foreign related provisions.

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