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Without dyes, silk can be made to have bright colors
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Without dyes, silk can be bright and never fade Yes, this seemingly impossible task in the hands of Xiamen University scientists into reality -- "the Institute of materials of thousands of people plan expert Professor Liu Xiangyang research group with bionic, on the silk surface successfully" structure "butterfly and peacock feathers biological structure color, so color silk like butterfly wings and the peacock feather bright and never fade, opened up a new path of ecological dyeing.

Liu Xiangyang explained that, unlike chemical dyes, colorful peacock feathers and butterfly wings represent the physical structure of the color, the color is reflected by the periodic physical structure of biological material in the micro scale of a particular color in the sunlight caused, "as long as its physical structure is not damaged, no matter it will be exposed to the weather, the color will never fade".

In this way, the research group successfully on the silk surface "structure" a called "photonic crystal", this structure is not only similar to the peacock feathers and wings of butterfly biological structure, more importantly, it consists of a "brick", these lattice lattice like used to build houses. Brick size can be regulated, "when the lattice size changes, the internal structure will change, thus reflecting the different light, showing different colors".

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