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Spinning system
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Carded wool spinning system and worsted spinning system

A woollen system, products include: woolen cloth, woolen blanket, carpet, industrial use;

At the beginning of wool processing, and wool, carding, spinning, refueling.

1) the initial processing of wool: effect of different quality of raw wool to distinguish, using a series of mechanical and chemical methods, removal of various impurities in raw wool;

2) and wool, refueling role: reduce friction, prevent static electricity;

3) carding process: thoroughly comb loose mixture; the mixed fiber material in mixing; removing impurities, dead grass wool and coarse fiber; the fiber network will gradually straighten parallel; made of wool roving;

4) spinning effect: spinning the roving into a spinning yarn which has a certain strength, a certain weight and a certain quality

Two 、 worsted system products include: worsted fabrics, wool (including cashmere yarn), plush

A system (mixing, filling, carding, 1~3 road cross, gilling comber, can gill, washing machine, no way to gilling) spinning machine, 4~5 (mixed needle plate, roving machine needle wheel (or apron), roving machine spinning (ring spinning spinning machine, winding machine, line machine, twisting machine)

The main process: the top system (from the raw material to the top); the spinning (from top to roving); the spinning (by roving to ply yarns).

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