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Textile concept
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Is the name taken from the original textile spinning and weaving, but with the continuous development of textile knowledge and discipline system and perfect, especially to produce nonwoven textile materials and three-dimensional braided composite technology, now is not only the traditional manual textile spinning and weaving, including non-woven technology, modern 3D braiding technology, modern electrostatic nano as network technology and production of clothing, industrial, decorative textiles. Therefore, modern textile refers to a fiber or fiber assembly of multi-scale structure processing technology. Chinese ancient textile printing and dyeing technology has a very long history, as early as in the primitive society, the ancients in order to adapt to climate change, have learned to use natural resources as materials, textile and dyeing of raw materials, and simple manufacturing handmade textile tools. To this day, everyday clothing, airbags, and curtains and carpets are the products of textile and printing and dyeing technology.

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