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14 strokes deal with embroidery machine broken line
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As we all know, embroidery machine disconnection fault is more common, although it is the same fault, but may be due to different causes of failure. Long Sheng Textile for the cause of embroidery machine broken 14 different reasons for analysis (before the cause of the fault, after the failure of the treatment method):

1. bottom line tension is too large; processing methods: adjusting the tension and pressure plate shuttle skin evenly.

2. machine pinhole has quick cut, processing method: change machine needle.

3. machine needle thickness and embroidery line do not match, treatment method: according to the thickness of embroidery line, choose the thickness of the appropriate needle type.

4. rotating hook tip hair; treatment method: use sandpaper or thin hook hook stone polishing tip or change the hook.

5. lines are not lubricated; treatment method: the application of silicone oil lubrication line.

6. shuttle scared the line blocked; processing method: Rubber pull light or polishing hair at.

7. take-up hole scared; treatment method: use cloth pull light take-up hole.

8. three eye hook hole processing method: light pull hair; three hook holes with rubber liner.

9. needle plate hair; treatment method: use rubber pull needle plate hole.

10. clamp, clamp screws became; treatment method: use rubber pull clamp clamp screw, light.

11. positioning hook hair treatment method: use cloth; pull light positioning hook.

12.The gap between the positioning hook and the frame gap is not reasonable. The processing method: according to the operation instructions, adjust the clearance between the hook and the shuttle frame properly until it is proper.

13. line elastic clamp line failure; treatment method: regularly remove the surface of the string, the garbage in the elastic.

14. machine needle groove direction is not correct; treatment method: scientific adjustment needle groove direction, so that the pilot trough aligned with the operator.

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