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Classification of textile machinery should not be re combed?
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The state has clearly defined the division of the first, second and third industries in the national economy, and the industry and enterprises are seated according to the product orientation. The textile machinery industry belongs to the special equipment manufacturing industry in the equipment manufacturing industry in the second industry. In the special equipment manufacturing industry, is no longer divided more professional, possibly because of space, in order to prevent omissions.

The name of textile machinery has been a long history and can not be verified. It may have evolved from history. As a history, it is normal to use a machine to spin natural fibers into yarn, woven into cloth, and used for clothing. This machine is called textile machinery.

Up to now, with the development of the times, the progress of science and technology, the development of the market and the change of the industrial chain, the textile industry is very different from the past. Textile industry "climb up", entered the field of textile raw materials production, "down" to clothing, decoration, industrial textiles field, the industry chain extends very long, and the service sector is wider.

Thus, the field traditionally referred to as textile machinery has become narrow. Should we improve the social function and function of the traditional textile machinery products? Do you want to make a scientific and scientific classification of the product categories? This is worth our discussion, individual view of textile machinery can be classified according to the following four categories?

One is fiber production machinery. That is now collectively referred to as chemical fiber machinery. Now is the title of, but from the name of spinning Limited in chemical fiber and postprocessing, and now has entered the field of chemical fiber, polyester spun polyester production device, before the toluene two formic acid ester production device. With this device, it can be spinning and postprocessing, and cellulose fibers have wood pulp, cotton pulp, bamboo pulp production technology to the device before spinning, spinning and postprocessing. The variety of polymer chemistry has many new varieties - high and new technology fiber.

The second type is fiber processing machinery. Now known as "textile machinery", this name has been used for a long time. This kind of mechanical function is the natural fiber and chemical fiber, with no process, through mixing, carding, spinning yarn and woven into cloth, forming the primary products of the textile industry, people can use, can carry out fine processing.

The third type is yarn, fabric printing and finishing machinery. Now referred to as "printing and dyeing machinery". With yarn, with fabric, you can use for consumption, but this is, after all, primary products, but also fine processing, to become colorful textile clothing products to enter the market. These services fit into the mechanical equipment.

The fourth type is the basic parts of textile machinery. Now known as "textile machinery", "special parts", "textile equipment" and other products. These products are large in size, standard and versatile, and are vulnerable parts and accessories. These components can serve the host and serve the maintenance of the equipment.

The purpose of such classification is conducive to the industry's own scientific orientation, and is conducive to setting up the product positioning of the entity economy enterprise, making clear its social responsibility and improving its social value.

Of course, this is only a discussion. To change the practices easier said than done. Use and processing of cotton, wool, hemp, silk for decades, it is referred to, textile machinery should change, easier said than done. Moreover, decades of administrative sequence, customs code, exhibition arrangement and school textbook compiling, may involve, indeed affect the overall situation, I also know that reality is unlikely to change. However, we should be soberly aware that the textile machinery industry has entered a new field or entered a new period of development. We must change our concepts and keep pace with the times.

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