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About LongSheng

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Mission: Science Building

Science is a kind of thinking that respects the development of law. It is an inclusive and diverse concept of value. It is a rational attitude to keep improving and a perfect habit of demanding perfection. The nature of science starts with caring for human needs. Therefore, we firmly believe that the scientific governance structure and development model will become a strong pillar of evergreen textile. Long Sheng Textile will continue to adhere to the "science" as a guide, the use of scientific tools, methods and vision, to the vast and thorough, and interpretation of the ideal life.

Vision: to be China's most valuable international enterprise

With international vision and standards, to create value for the purpose of providing excellent products and service for customers, provide a broad development space for employees, create a steady income for the shareholders and partners, assume responsibility for society.

Core values:Work hard, honesty is good, courageous and enterprising, and always cherish the dream

management idea:Reputation first, quality first, fast and efficient, mutually beneficial sharing

We not only have the world first-class production technology, first-class construction process, first-class enterprise management, first-class service quality! We are still a group of dedicated people, "because of concentration, so professional"!

Honesty is the foundation of this, the letter for the moral base, we take "the good faith" foundation, word, word! Innovation is the life of an enterprise. We recognize that "innovation never ends", and "innovation" is the motive force of enterprise development! We attach great importance to the efficiency of enterprises, and this is an important guarantee to maintain the vitality of enterprises, "line is higher than words" is our creed, we focus on the implementation, implementation, implementation, or implementation!